School of Programming

I still got the idea of founding a real "school of programming". These topics come into my mind, for a course about Web Development:

- Time Estimations
- Self Management
- Relational databases and high-performance SQL
- Design Patterns (incl. MVC)
- JavaScript and AJAX

No social network

Hey ho, I'm a proud member of NOSO now... bad thing is, that the meetings are in San Fransisco only ;(

Why not start a similar non-social-network for Germany? That's exactly what I need! Forget about XING, Myspace, StudiVZ, Facebook,... those sites absorb your time like a black hole... impoverishment at a high level... watching television instead is no better... what I want is time to relax from the constant information flow... SMS, Instant Messages, Emails, Mailinglists, Blogs,... I can't really stand it anymore ;)

Missing content

Visitors to this site will notice that some content is missing. The logs contain searches for the terms "vsftpd", "pam" and "Cauchy-Riemannsche-Differentialgleichungen". I will try to put the content back online soon, ok? My blog was never planed to be a resource for vsftpd configuration and mathematics ;)


Mit *Ding-Dang-Dong* wurde ich gerade aus meinem wohlverdienten Schlaf gerissen. Ich wanke zur Tuer und verdaechtige den Postboten. Deshalb spreche ich zuerst in die Sprechanlage, statt die Tuer zu oeffnen: "Hallo?". Niemand antwortet. Also oeffne ich die Tuer einen Spalt weit:

Mann mit Aktentasche: Guten Tag. Wollen Sie Kabelfernsehen?

Ich: Nein, danke.

Mann mit Aktentasche: Wir haben ein Angebot zum halben Preis.

Ich: Ich bin Software Entwickler.

Mann mit Aktentasche: Ok.

Was sagt uns das?

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