No social network

Hey ho, I'm a proud member of NOSO now... bad thing is, that the meetings are in San Fransisco only ;(

Why not start a similar non-social-network for Germany? That's exactly what I need! Forget about XING, Myspace, StudiVZ, Facebook,... those sites absorb your time like a black hole... impoverishment at a high level... watching television instead is no better... what I want is time to relax from the constant information flow... SMS, Instant Messages, Emails, Mailinglists, Blogs,... I can't really stand it anymore ;)

Self fucking systems

Check out this free online book about the relationship between journalism, management and cybernetics:

"Es ist illusorisch, zu meinen, das noetige Wissen lasse sich am besten mit herkoemmlichen Bildungsmassnahmen erreichen. Menschen lernen in der Praxis voneinander anhand der Realitaet und Aktualitaet schneller und besser."

A cybernetic view on Web search

When it comes to Web search, everybody thinks of Google nowadays. But there are shortcomings: Google has just one large index for all users. This is why search engine optimization has become so popular and why you sometimes don't find what you're looking for. A possible solution would be to have different indexes, maintained by the users, that cover the various needs (e.g. topics, regions, content quality,...). That way, a user can decide to only get search results from Germany without ads, for example. Of course one large monolithic company could have problems to provide such a service.

Teil der Welt

Ich lese gerade "Teil der Welt" von Foerster und Monika Broecker, die ich neulich kennengelernt habe. Wenn ich Zeit habe schreibe ich mehr darueber... eine Sache fand ich nur sehr interessant zu lesen... von Foester hatte Besuch von einer Vegetarierin die immer ein kleines Scharfes Messer zum Fruehstueck wollte:

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